H3halfpagead_1024x1024A lot has changed over the past 107 years. We aren’t floating around in little flying cars yet, but our world would look just as strange to someone from 1907. However, some things have stayed the same. We still read books and we still have the need to store our possessions. Not many companies from 1907 are still going strong today, so it says something that Hale has been able to adapt to the times and thrive in the ever changing world. Hale hasn’t had to change everything, though. Just like in 1907, Hale is still the industry leader in barrister bookcases. Any good company knows it’s important to evolve, especially over the course of a hundred years. What can Hale do for people’s homes? What if people could shape their own bookcases in a way that fits their unique living needs? Introducing Hale Cubed, stackable wooden cubes that can be used for all  your home storage needs.

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