H3 – We’re Just Getting Started

A lot has changed over the past 107 years. We aren’t floating around in little flying cars yet, but our world would look just as strange to someone from 1907. However, some things have stayed the same. We still read books and we still have the need to store our...

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History of Bookcases

Private libraries appeared during the late Roman republic. Having large quantities of books signified wealth. What few illiterate owners there were back then, scarcely them. They displayed the scrolls in bookcases of citrus wood inlaid with ivory. Before the printing...

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Utica’s Beginning

Hale is proud to be a part of such a thriving community as the Utica area. Part of having pride in our community is knowing our history. Hale has started looking into the history of our great city, and what better place to start than the beginning? The Utica area is...

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Made In America

“Made in America”, those words are much too scarce these days. What do those words really mean? Sure we all like the idea of giving jobs to locals but who can afford not to save a buck? What you save on foreign products might have a higher cost, in the end, than you...

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For most, this is likely to be an all too familiar scene. We may not all be hoarders, but we all need space to put our belongings. Whether it’s books, collectables, or paraphernalia we simply don’t know what to do with, it all has to go somewhere. While the floor may...

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